9 Foods with Hidden Gluten Ingredients

Hidden gluten ingredients in food

Cookies with morning coffee, bread for delicious sandwiches, pizzas the tasty fast meal, and hundreds of daily consumed foods occupying markets are well known to be rich in gluten but what about the types containing sneaky gluten?

Because of the elasticity and chewy texture gluten gives the food, it has spread widely in multiple industries.

In fact, gluten isn’t just present in foods but it is also used in cosmetic products with hidden gluten and much more. Although food industries still have the highest percentage of products containing gluten which represents the greatest harm for individuals sensitive to gluten more than other non-edible products containing gluten.

Luckily, a gluten-free diet holds sufficient relief for gluten sensitivity symptoms and diseases developing from it including several autoimmune conditions such as celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten ataxia, psoriasis, and much more.

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Individuals suffering gluten sensitivity should take into consideration it needs a long time to stick to a strict gluten-free diet, maybe months, in order to notice any improvement.

Since gluten consumption even in tiny amounts may trigger an allergic reaction, checking out product labels before consumption is a must as it can be tricky to determine if it contains gluten or not.

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Hidden gluten ingredients in food

Here are a number of products that might contain hidden gluten you may not notice:

Soy sauce:

hidden gluten ingredients in food
hidden gluten ingredients

Unfortunately, most soy sauce brands (the star of Chinese food) contain wheat as a main ingredient, although, there are plenty of gluten-free brands of soy sauce available in the market.


hidden gluten ingredients in food
hidden gluten ingredients in food

The vast majority of chocolate brands contain several ingredients like milk, vanilla, sugar and it also includes gluten, even if it doesn’t contain biscuits or wafer, checking labels is a must before purchasing your delicious bar of chocolate.

Modified food starch:

hidden gluten ingredients in food
hidden gluten ingredients in food

This ingredient can be tricky, as not all modified food starch is gluten-free, hence, the ones that are made of waxy maize, corn and potatoes are probably gluten-free, otherwise, modified starch made of wheat definitely is not free of gluten.

Medications and supplements: 

hidden gluten ingredients in food
hidden gluten ingredients in food

Despite the presence of gluten in medications and supplements in extremely tiny amounts as fillers or binders, still, it is considered a threat for gluten-sensitive individuals.

Nowadays, medical brands began to recognize the need for gluten-free medications, so, it became simple to find alternatives for gluten-containing medications.

Canned vegetables and fruits:

hidden gluten ingredients in food
hidden gluten ingredients in food

Although canned products are easy alternatives for a fast snack. Moreover, they have a delicious taste. Yet, the juice, and sauce may contain wheat to give the thick texture and rich taste.

Fried chips:

hidden gluten ingredients in food
hidden gluten ingredients in food

Certainly, freshly fried chips are prepared simply at home without any additives. Nevertheless, as outdoor junk food, it appears to be a perfect choice.

However, sometimes fast food shops add artificial flavors containing gluten that you should avoid when following a gluten-free diet.

Dried vegetables and fruits:

hidden gluten ingredients in food
hidden gluten ingredients in food

May contain gluten ingredients to form the perfect coat for dried fruits and vegetables.

Cosmetic and other products:

 hidden gluten in cosmetics
hidden gluten in cosmetics

As a tiny morning tasty makeup for women suffering gluten sensitivity, lip balm may not be the right choice, in addition, other products including stamps glue and envelopes. 

Non-popular grains containing gluten:

  • Emmer: used for preparing biscuits, pasta and added crushed to soups to give flavor.
  • Semolina: widely used to prepare pasta and couscous.
  • Graham: Its flour becomes popular for graham crackers.
  • Farro: used in various salads, veggie burgers, seafood, and other recipes.
  • Farina: as an ingredient in the cream used in cakes.
  • khorasan wheat: as an alternative for wheat flour, so then, it can replace ordinary wheat in all recipes.
  • Einkorn: known for its role in bread and baked desserts.
  • Durum: also involved in pasta, desserts, couscous, and burghul wheat.
  • Triticale: it replaces wheat in bread cookies and other baked products.

How to spot foods that have hidden gluten?

Checking the product label is definitely the right way to know if the food product contain gluten or not. However, you still need to double check if that food is soy sauce, chocolate, canned vegetables or something like supplements or cosmetics or foods containing grains like semolina, graham, emmer, durum, farina.

Also, take in consideration any symptoms you experience after eating any food product as it might contain gluten traces caused by cross-contamination like oatmeal that aren’t labled gluten-free.