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My name is Nada, and Welcome to WHAT DIET IS IT HEALTH BLOG. Here you will find a unique collection of up-to-date health articles that will guide you through your journey to reach the ideal version of your body.

I am a Blogger and health educator with a pharmaceutical background, so health and diet have always been my game since I entered college.

My biggest passion is reading and researching alternative approaches that impact our health and quality of life.

In 2019, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I discovered how you can cure painful diseases many people suffer from worldwide by simple diet twists.

As long as I follow a diet free from inflammatory food (sugar, gluten, and artificial colors) I get better.

Happily, the deeper I dive into knowledge and researches, I grow confident about the message I am trying to deliver.

Also, you will find on my blog simple recipes that match diet plans I am talking about in my articles.

Please note that WHAT DIET IS IT blog does not provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. So, consult a doctor before using any of our medical advice! 

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