Nutrisystem for Diabetics VS Traditional Diabetic Diet

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless struggle to manage your diabetes while also trying to lose weight? Imagine a solution that simplifies meal planning, while helping you optimize your blood sugar levels. Nutrisystem for Diabetics, or what is called Nutrisystem D helps you shed those stubborn pounds without sacrificing flavor or convenience. Some may consider Nutrisystem for Diabetics a game-changer for them to manage their diabetes and lose weight. But is that true??!!

Let’s learn all about Nutrisystem crafted only for diabetics, how it works, its pros, cons, and cost, and how it may differ from a regular diabetic diet that costs you nothing.

What is Nutrisystem D

The Nutrisystem D Plan is an efficacious and meticulously portioned dietary regimen tailored to expedite weight loss, accompanied by various advantageous offers and tools. These nourishing victuals are meticulously designed to address your unique physique and facilitate optimal blood sugar management. 

The Nutrisystem Company offers robust support, including monetary savings, while also providing access to weight loss information and complimentary counseling services, accessible either online or via telephone. This includes a variety of Nutrisystem well-loved meals and snacks. As an added benefit, your Nutrisystem D plan supply will also include Turbo10, a 1-week program to get your healthy diet and diet program to begin.

The Difference Between Regular Nutrisystem Diet and Nutrisystem D

The following demonstrates the key differences between regular Nutrisystem and Nutrisystem D for diabetics, including their target audiences, meal options, nutritional considerations, flexibility, support, integration with grocery store items, impact on blood sugar levels, research and efficacy, pricing, and additional resources provided.

AspectRegular NutrisystemNutrisystem D for Diabetics
Target AudienceAdults of all agesIndividuals with diabetes
Meal OptionsVarious plans are available, including Uniquely Yours, Complete 50, Partners, Club AdvantageSpecifically tailored plan for managing blood sugar levels
Calorie and Nutrient ConsiderationAccounts for different calorie needs for men and women. Meals designed for weight loss and nutritionEmphasizes managing blood sugar levels through controlled carbohydrate intake and balanced nutrition
FlexibilityAllows flexibility in meal choices with the option to pick your own meals or let Nutrisystem choose for youOffers flexibility in meal choices while adhering to diabetic-friendly options
Support and CoachingBasic plans offer meals only. Club Advantage plan offers coaching and additional supportOffers support and guidance for managing diabetes, including meal plans and coaching
Grocery Store IntegrationRequires supplementation with grocery store items like fresh produce, lean proteins, and whole grainsSimilar to regular Nutrisystem, but with a focus on selecting foods that won’t spike blood sugar levels
Impact on Blood Sugar LevelsAllows flexibility in meal choices with the option to pick your meals or let Nutrisystem choose for youAimed at helping individuals manage blood sugar levels through portion control, balanced meals, and controlled carbohydrate intake
Research and EfficacyLimited long-term research on effectiveness for weight loss and sustainabilityClaims to aid in weight loss and lowering A1c, but independent research does not fully support these claims
PriceCost varies depending on the selected plan and customization optionsCost may be comparable to regular Nutrisystem, but additional diabetic-friendly features may affect pricing
Additional ResourcesNutrisystem NuMi app provides tracking, personalized meal planning, reminders, and educational resourcesOffers resources tailored to diabetes management, including meal planning, weight tracking, and educational content

Nutrisystem D for Diabetics Promise

Here is how the Nutrisystem D Promise applies to people living with diabetes:

  • 7-Day Weight Loss Program: With Nutrisystem D, you get to lose up to 7 pounds in the first 7 days. This loss could be as low as one pound or a hefty seven pounds, depending on the individual and dietary needs. However, a study of the plan showed an average 5.1 pounds loss during that first week.
  • First Week Designated Meals: For a person on Nutrisystem D, the first week means that you will be consuming items in the form of frozen meals and snacks, along with Fat Burning Bars and Hunger Control Shakes. These are specifically formulated to kick-start your journey of weight loss and help curb hunger.
  • 28 Days of Healthy Weight Loss: The Nutrisystem D plan gives you food and guidance for 28 days to support healthy weight loss. This includes a structured meal plan designed for the needs of those with diabetes.
  • Meal Structure: Most days, you can enjoy Nutrisystem D meals for one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one snack. Men’s plans also incorporate an extra snack to accommodate their calorie needs.

About losing weight, based on typical plans at Nutrisystem D, you can expect to lose around one to two pounds per week after the first week. This slow pace is a great way to ensure sustained results over time.

  • Flexibility in Meal Frequency: Nutrisystem D meal frequency can be either five or seven days a week depending on the specific plan you choose. In addition, Partner Plans are available for couples to receive Nutrisystem D food deliveries every 2-4 weeks.
  • Specialty Plans: Nutrisystem D may provide specialty plans, like Complete 50, with customized meal assortments and snacks specific to particular needs, such as managing blood sugar levels and weight loss goals.

Nutrisystem Diet Pros and Cons

Nutrisystem for Diabetics


  • Convenience at Its Finest: Imagine your meals and snacks delivered right to your doorstep, ready to go. Nutrisystem will take away the hassles of planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. It is a game-changer for the busy or anyone who loves it when meals are sorted out for them.
  • Structured and Effortless: With Nutrisystem, your diet will be based on fixed plans; hence, you won’t worry about portions or calories. Just follow the plan; there’s nothing to worry about, but you will eat healthily without hassle.
  • Vast variety of food: Say goodbye to boring meals that get repeated day in and day out. Nutrisystem spoils you with over 150 mouth-watering choices for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • Nutritiously Sound: You know you’re getting all the nutrients your body craves. Registered dietitians make Nutrisystem meals full of the right balance of carbs, protein, fiber, and more. It’s a win-nutritious.
  • Community Support: Starting on the weight loss journey can be daunting. Don’t worry though, with Nutrisystem, you are not alone. Mingle in with other members and share tricks. Keep the motivation of the squad of cheerleaders in the corner!


  • Limited Meal Selections: The Nutrisystem D program offers fewer meal selections compared to the regular Nutrisystem program. Diabetic individuals may have a restricted range of options to choose from, reducing variety in their meal plans.
  • Similar Pricing: Despite offering fewer selections, the Nutrisystem D program is priced similarly to the regular Nutrisystem program. This may lead to a perception of less value for money due to the reduced variety of meal options.
  • High Carbohydrate Content: Nutrisystem meals typically contain a moderate to high carbohydrate content, with 45-55% of calories coming from carbohydrates. This may not align with the dietary preferences or recommendations of some individuals with diabetes who may require a lower carb intake for better blood sugar control.
  • Mixed Results with A1C Levels: While some users of the Nutrisystem D program reported positive outcomes such as weight loss and lowered A1C levels, others experienced mixed results or even increases in their A1C levels. This suggests that the program may not be equally effective for all individuals with diabetes.
  • Lack of Smart Adapt Calorie Plan: The Nutrisystem D program does not offer the Smart Adapt calorie plan, which adjusts calorie intake as users lose weight. This feature, available in the regular Nutrisystem program, may provide additional flexibility and customization options for weight management.
  • No Fast Five Week: Unlike the regular Nutrisystem program, the Nutrisystem D program does not include the Fast Five Week, a jump-start lower-calorie week designed to kickstart weight loss. This may limit the program’s effectiveness for individuals looking for rapid initial weight loss results.
  • Standard Grocery Guide: The grocery guide provided with the Nutrisystem D program is not customized specifically for diabetic users. It remains the same as the standard guide provided to all Nutrisystem users, potentially lacking tailored recommendations for managing blood sugar levels.
  • Risk of Unsatisfactory Blood Sugar Control: Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the high carbohydrate content of Nutrisystem meals, stating that it negatively affected their blood sugar control and insulin usage. This suggests that the program may not fully meet the needs of all individuals with diabetes in managing their condition.

How Does Nutrisystem D Work

Before starting any weight loss or exercise program, especially if you have diabetes or are taking diabetes medications, consult with your physician. Discuss the Nutrisystem D program and its suitability for your health condition.

  • Access Nutrisystem D Customization: Nutrisystem offers three main plans for diabetics – Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Ultimate. These plans are customized for individuals with type 2 diabetes. You can access the Nutrisystem D program within the Nutrisystem platform.
  • Review Plan Options: Understand the different Nutrisystem D plan options available, such as Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Ultimate. Each plan offers varying levels of customization and features.
  • Comparison of Regular and D Program: Compare the Nutrisystem D program’s cost to the regular Nutrisystem program before ordering. Understand any differences in pricing and meal options between the two programs.
  • Select D Program: Choose the Nutrisystem D program that best fits your dietary needs and budget. Consider factors such as meal selections, customization options, and pricing.
  • Meal Customization: The Nutrisystem D program offers customization for diabetes-friendly meal selections. Ensure that your chosen plan includes options tailored to manage blood sugar levels.
  • Enable D Program in Numi Settings: If you purchase a regular Nutrisystem plan, you can turn on the D program feature in your Numi settings. Access the Numi app journal, navigate to settings, then shop settings, and enable the diabetes-friendly option.

Week One: Launch Your Weight Loss Journey

Receive Your Nutrisystem D Starter Kit: Your Nutrisystem D starter kit will come with many popular frozen meals and snacks, Fat Burning Bars, and Hunger Control Shakes.

Special First Week Plan: Stay on the special first-week meal plan prepared by Nutrisystem D. Use all Nutrisystem D meals and snacks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack daily.

28-Day Structured Meal Plan: Nutrisystem D will give you a meal plan for food and guidance for a full 28 days. Make sure you have everything you need for the first 28 days of the program.

Week Two and Beyond: Keep Moving

Stick with the Nutrisystem D Plan: Nutrisystem D breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks per day, including two snacks for men’s plans, continue after the first week.

Flex Meal Option: Flex meals give you the ability to dine out or prepare healthy home-cooked meals. This applies only if your plan includes Nutrisystem meals seven days a week; otherwise, Nutrisystem meals are forbidden. Nutrisystem gives guidelines and access to thousands of healthy recipes to help you stay on track.

Incorporate Fresh Grocery Items: Round out your meal plan with just a couple of household grocery items each day. These include lean protein and dairy (PowerFuels), fruit and fiber-rich good carbs (SmartCarbs), and fresh vegetables for optimal nutrition.

Expect Slow Weight Loss: Nutrisystem D aims for a slow weight loss of one to two pounds a week following their weight loss plans. Keep on track with your meal plan and change your lifestyle as needed.

Keep Track of Your Progress: Track how much weight you are losing and how you feel every day throughout the program. If needed, adjust your meal plan or consult with a healthcare professional.

By following these steps, you will be able to follow Nutrisystem D properly and work towards your weight loss and health goals.

Nutrisystem Diet Candidates

Diagnosed With Diabetes: If you’re managing diabetes and looking for a simple plan to lose weight, Nutrisystem D is designed especially just for you. It offers diabetic-friendly meals with controlled carbohydrates to help keep your blood sugar levels stable while supporting weight loss.

Busy Diabetics: Nutrisystem D takes the stress out of meal planning and preparation. With ready-made meals and snacks, you can save time while still prioritizing your health.

Portion Control: We know portion control is crucial for managing diabetes. Nutrisystem D provides pre-portioned meals and snacks according to the information you add when signing up with them. This makes it easier to control your carbohydrate intake and maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Lose Weight Safely: Struggling to shed those extra pounds? Nutrisystem D offers a structured weight loss plan tailored to your diabetic needs. With calorie-controlled meals, you can achieve your weight loss goals while managing your diabetes effectively.

Newly Diagnosed Diabetic: Just been diagnosed with diabetes? Nutrisystem D offers a simple approach to managing your condition. With ready-made meals designed to stabilize blood sugar levels, you can ease into your new dietary requirements with confidence.

Nutrisystem Diet Contraindications

Allergies Check: It’s crucial to give those Nutrisystem meals a thorough once-over, especially if you’ve got any food allergies. Make sure they won’t cause any unwelcome surprises.

Health Check: Before diving into Nutrisystem, touch base with your healthcare provider, especially if you’re managing diabetes. They’ll help figure out if Nutrisystem’s right for you.

Family Planning: Consider whether Nutrisystem’s meals provide the right nutrients if you’ve got kiddos on the scene. Everyone should get the good stuff!

Mindset Matters: If you’ve battled with eating disorders, tread carefully with Nutrisystem. Chat with a pro to make sure you’re in the clear.

Medical Check: Run Nutrisystem by your doctor, especially if you’re juggling meds. They’ll help keep your health on track.

Taste Test: Nutrisystem’s meals come ready to go, but if you love to mix it up in the kitchen, think twice. Stick to the menu or venture off?

Wallet Watch: Before hitting “buy,” take a peek at your budget. Nutrisystem’s got a price tag, so make sure it fits comfortably into your financial game plan.

Nutrisystem D Plans Prices

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing differences between Nutrisystem D plans for men and women based on the provided information:

Nutrisystem D for Men:

  • Monthly Auto-Delivery:
    • Cost: $10.89 per day
    • Savings: Save $97
    • Additional Benefit: Free Shipping
    • Total Price: $304.99
  • Pay for 2 Shipments Now:
    • Cost: $10.23 per day
    • Savings: Save $181
    • Additional Benefit: Free Shipping
    • Total Price: $304.99
  • Pay for 3 Shipments Now:
    • Cost: $9.81 per day
    • Savings: Save $181
    • Additional Benefit: Free Shipping
    • Total Price: $304.99

Nutrisystem D for Women:

  • Monthly Auto-Delivery:
    • Cost: $9.64 per day
    • Savings: Save $90
    • Additional Benefit: Free Shipping
    • Total Price: $269.99
  • Pay for 2 Shipments Now:
    • Cost: $9.11 per day
    • Savings: Save $165
    • Additional Benefit: Free Shipping
    • Total Price: $269.99
  • Pay for 3 Shipments Now:
    • Cost: $8.75 per day
    • Savings: Not specified
    • Additional Benefit: Free Shipping
    • Total Price: $269.99


  • The daily cost for Nutrisystem D plans for men ranges from $9.81 to $10.89, while for women, it ranges from $8.75 to $9.64.
  • Both men and women can save by opting for upfront payments for 2 or 3 shipments.
  • The total prices for men and women are the same at $304.99 for the monthly auto-delivery option.
  • Women have a slightly lower daily cost across all payment options compared to men.
  • Both plans offer free shipping as an additional benefit, regardless of the payment option chosen.
Nutrisystem D

Comparison Between Nutrisystem D and Traditional Diabetic Diet

AspectDiabetic Diet Prescribed by DoctorsNutrisystem D Program
CustomizationTailored to individual health needs and preferencesCustomized for individuals with type 2 diabetes
Meal SelectionsFlexible with a focus on whole foodsPre-packaged portion-controlled meals with limited selections
Carbohydrate ContentIndividualized based on blood sugar control goalsModerate to high carbohydrate content in meals
PricingNo fixed cost; varies based on dietary needsFixed pricing structure for Nutrisystem D program
CostTypically no additional cost beyond purchasing groceriesRequires subscription fee, which may be higher but includes all meals and support services
Meal FrequencyTypically 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks per dayNutrisystem D program recommends 6 meals/snacks per day
Nutritional GuidanceProvided by healthcare professionalsNutrisystem provides meal plans and nutritional information
Medical SupervisionRegular monitoring and adjustments by healthcare professionalsUsers are advised to consult with their physician before starting
FlexibilityAllows for adjustments based on health status and lifestyle changesOffers limited flexibility compared to individualized plans
Grocery GuideCustomized to individual dietary needsThe standard guide provided for grocery shopping
Weight Loss FocusMay or may not prioritize weight loss depending on individual goalsDesigned for weight loss with a focus on managing diabetes
A1C ManagementA goal-oriented approach to achieve target A1C levelsAims to help lower A1C levels through weight loss and meal control
Feedback and MonitoringRegular monitoring and adjustments by healthcare professionalsUsers track progress with Nutrisystem tools and may consult with physicians as needed
Meal PreparationMeals prepared at home with guidance from healthcare professionalsPre-packaged meals delivered to the door for convenience
Outcome ExpectationsImproved blood sugar control and overall health outcomesWeight loss and potential improvement in A1C levels

While a traditional diabetic diet may offer cost savings, Nutrisystem D provides convenience, variety, nutritional balance, and professional support, making it a compelling option for individuals managing diabetes.

Nutrisystem D offers a comprehensive solution for individuals managing diabetes, providing convenience, variety, nutritional balance, professional support, and safety assurances. Traditional diabetic diets may offer cost savings and require manual meal planning.

Nutrisystem D simplifies meal prep with doorstep delivery of pre-packaged meals, saving time and effort. It offers diverse, nutritionally balanced options, preventing meal monotony. Plus, it provides comprehensive support and guidance, unlike traditional diets. Overall, Nutrisystem D is a convenient, effective, and safe choice for managing diabetes and improving health.


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