How To Do Self Neck Massage Techniques For Pain Relief?

Feeling tense or sore after a long day at work is very common. This becomes even more evident when you have a desk job or you have a constant bad posture where you don’t move around too much. Most people working in tech report that they have noticed stiffness in muscles over time and usually this stiffness becomes worse when they don’t take a painkiller or muscle relaxant.

However, relying on pain killers and relaxants regularly means you will become addicted over time and there will come a time when you will be increasing the dose and finally looking for other formulas because your body will become resistant over time.

Although relying on medication is not considered very negative because almost all of us rely on medication in one way or the other, however, you will see that it is frowned upon.

Especially because the price of the medicine has increased because of the diplomatic moves used by big pharma over time and you never know what you are taking.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at some of the simple massage techniques that can help you relax. These massage techniques are very basic and do not require any expensive machinery or equipment so you will be able to do it on your own.

Self Neck Massage Techniques
Self Neck Massage Techniques

5 Self Neck Massage Techniques

When living alone, coming home after a hectic day means you need some sound sleep and some relaxation time.

However, when you are in pain, this becomes quite challenging. As a result, you will see most people looking for ways to heal themselves naturally.

The best way to reduce muscle stiffness is to rely on stretching techniques, a hot bath, and some good massage.

All these things will help in relaxation, however, you need someone to help with massage, which is the reason most people who live independently switch to painkillers over time.

Body Roller Massage

Foam body rollers are very common in the market and they are quite affordable as well. You can start by placing them directly on the floor and then lying on the roller.

As you will press the roller between your skin and the floor, you can then move around to adjust the position and then build your body pressure to hold the position. The body roller usually has ridges and furrows that help in massaging the skin so you will feel like someone is pressing your fingers.

Self Neck Massage Techniques
Self Neck Massage Techniques

Hot Body Towel Massage

This is one of the most soothing massages yet if you are not familiar with the technique you might end up with a rash or a bruise. For the body towel massage, you will have to soak the towel in lukewarm water.

Then sanitize your skin and pat it dry completely. Now use your grip to hold the towel from both sides and move against the skin. Make sure that you are using rhythmic strokes rather than rubbing them vigorously otherwise you might end up bruising the upper skin.

Hand Squeeze Massage

This is one of the simplest methods where you will hold your trap muscles that are present between the neck and the shoulder. You will then build pressure and squeeze them by using your grip.

Although you might feel it is causing discomfort but you can adjust the grip according to your ease. Since you will see doing it on your own, you can practice it with the finger squeeze and simple grip as well.

Oil Rub Massage

Oil rub is a very basic massage type that is identical to Thai massage where you use lubrication and then use different gestures to start long and intense strokes. Make sure you have washed your hands first and then use a simple sanitizer on your skin.

After its dries, then use lukewarm oil on your skin and then rub it gently. Intense rubbing might cause discomfort and even redness so you need to decide how much pressure and what kind of strokes you find comforting.

Chiropractor Stretch

Starching is another very good method that can help you get rid of stiffness however there are different kinds of starches that you need to know about.

One of the most common stretches is the non-supportive or the indent stretch where you don’t use your hands instead, you just move your neck all the way back and then all the way to the front.

Then you will shift to one side till your ear touches the shoulder and then do the same on the other.

However, when it comes to Chiropractor Stretch you will have to hold the sides of your neck. You don’t have to wait to hear the crack but make sure as you stretch you are actually moving your neck to the full extent.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to lifestyle changes. Although massage will help you relax if you have a bad posture or a hectic job you will notice that the pain will become chronic over time. Try to improve your posture by simple stretching exercises and using an extra cushion for backache and neck support. Moreover, there are so many different massagers and pressure-triggering machines that you can invest in. Although they are a little expensive, if you plan to stay alone or not hire anyone for the massage, this will be really helpful in the long run.