A Healthy Diet Plan; What Does It Really Mean

A healthy diet plan is an unclear description that most of us misinterpret. It’s not about counting calories, lowering or cutting carbohydrates for just losing weight.

HEALTHY DIET FOOD is definitely not the food on the lite menu at your preferred fancy restaurant, and definitely, they do not serve it at the fast-food joint.

What’s a good healthy diet plan??

If you believe the newest diet trend is your magical ticket to health, then, unfortunately, you are wrong. Dropping weight, remaining healthy and returning fit after several years of diet plan is not about trends or eating the way brand-new diet recommending for 6 to twelve weeks, like crash diets, and after that returning to your old style of eating.

Then what is a healthy diet plan? Is it what we have actually been convinced with principles like;

  • Milk for strong bones and teeth.
  • Protein as lean beef or chicken to build muscles.

Then perhaps a healthy microwave meal if we are on the go.

Check out the latest posts;

1- A healthy diet plan is about what you consume instead of just how much you consume.

2- It is a plan that involves switching your lifestyle as a whole, not when you wish to slim down.

This is your first step to enjoy strong health that doesn’t fall for any disease. Moreover, staying healthy makes you automatically get the unwanted weight off your body.

Why following a healthy diet is important;

There are many health concerns rising these days in a scary way;

  • why after over 30 years still the War On Cancer still exists?
  • Do we still have an increased cancer rate?
  • Why do more than 15 million individuals in the United States have diabetes?
  • Why we still have more heart disease today than we did 30 years earlier?

Yes, we have a lot more individuals treated from all these diseases. However, the rate at which individuals are getting sick is increasing. We have spent a lot to discover advanced medications and treat people.

However; we have made nothing to stop these diseases’ progression all over the world.

So, when looking at what changed over the last few years, we can find the answer. There are many factors that can cause these diseases, but what we can control is only our diet.

Years before, there weren’t any processed foods, refined carbs, and artificial colors. The prolonged exposure to the previous substances made our bodies weak and vulnerable to serious health issues.

Then, following a specific diet plan or not, all you need to focus on is the quality of food you are eating. From that concept, some recent diets evolved that supports eating the way our ancestors eat like The Paleo diet or the way people in a specific region eat like the Mediterranean diet.

Back then, people sure had diseases, but not with the numbers we have nowadays, and they enjoyed better health than we do.

Also, some may ask more specific questions according to their health conditions like what is a healthy diet plan for a diabetic?

In fact, there is a customized diet plan for diabetics. In addition, there is a tailor-made diet plan for hypertensive patients like the DASH diet, prediabetics, and PCOS.

The hard truth is, some serious diseases don’t have medications other than diets.

The secret door to get rid of serious chronic diseases;

Well, it’s not a secret, yet most of us choose to take shortcuts to wind up lost in between thousands of diet plans without reaching their health objectives.

The secret to a healthy diet and a healthy life is living food, fresh veggies, fruit juices, and green leafy salads. Living a healthy life all about following a healthy diet every day of our lives!