Does bone broth make you poop?

does bone broth make you poop
does bone broth make you poop

Does bone broth make you poop?

Bone broth is a healthy drink that pampers all the tissues in the body. It is rich in nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and collagen that enhances your intestinal health, joints and bones.

Because of the nutrients that are important to the skin, we also consider it a real beauty elixir, recommended not only by nutritionists but also by beauty influencers. 

Especially in the United States, where the bone broth became so popular that celebrities enjoy drinking it daily.

However, bone broth, which has become a widespread health trend, is not an invention. In fact, it is an ancient way maintained in many food cultures to use meat bones and cook them into other food to spice up the broth. Recently, it is returning to its worthy position in Western cuisine after decades of oblivion.

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Does bone broth make you poop?

Does bone broth make you poop
Does bone broth make you poop

In fact, bone broth can make your poop become loose as it helps with digestive regulation.

If you are suffering from constipation, that means you don’t have enough water  to help your stool come out or your intestines aren’t moving normally. 

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However, drinking bone broth will benefit you if you have constipation, as it will boost your bowel movements and help you get the needed amount of water to poop.

Does bone broth make you lose weight?

Actually, bone broth can help you lose weight because of its high protein content that helps you reach satisfaction early.  

However, As long as you remain full, you can have control over daily calories intake.  Recent studies show that a medium cup of bone broth contains more proteins in a similar size of chicken broth.

Can I drink bone broth every day? & how much bone broth should I drink daily?

Drinking one cup of bone broth a day can be enough to reap all the health benefits you need. However, the secret is sustainability, so it is better to drink one cup a day then drinking 3 cups a day and pass some days without drinking any.

How fast does bone broth heal the gut?

As we know bone broth to heal leaky gut, you can see instant results within 24-hours if you have any digestive disorder mainly leaky gut. 

Can too much bone broth be bad for you?

Too much of anything can turn against you,  so no drinking too much bone broth daily can cause unfavorable consequences. In fact, bone broth is rich in protein however protein can convert into carbohydrates, so it can kick you out of ketosis if you are on a ketogenic diet.  

By doing so, your weight loss can pause for a while until you return into ketosis and balance your meals.

Why is it healthy to drink bone broth every day?


The amino acid profile of bone broth includes glycine, proline and arginine, all of which have anti-inflammatory activity. Some believe modern diets that favor meat and cannot use bones can increase inflammation in our bodies.

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Bone broth rich in minerals

Minerals in bone broth are in a well-absorbed form, which includes; magnesium, lime and phosphorus.

Bone broth cures arthritis 

The amino acids glycine and proline have a beneficial effect on joint health. They repair damaged tissue and control inflammation. The glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid in bone broth also help keep joints moving and treat joint pain.

Intestinal health and leaky gut

Glycine helps with digestion, promoting the secretion of stomach acids. Gelatin protects and treats the intestinal mucosa, and bone broth has been used in the treatment of leaky gut.

Immunity booster

Bone broth minerals and amino acids nourish the body and give it resistance.

Natural internal cleanser

The liver needs glycine to neutralize toxins. Although glycine is not an essential amino acid because the body makes it itself.

However, getting extra glycine from food can’t be a bad thing.

Boost bone health and fracture healing

Bone broth is rich in collagen, which is needed as a bone-building material. Calcium and magnesium also have a positive effect on skeletal well-being.

Bone broth benefits for skin 

Collagen is also responsible for the elasticity of the skin and protects it from wrinkles and aging.

Easy, inexpensive and tasty.

Can bone broth be bad for you?

Some ask whether drinking bone broth may have side effects on them or is it purely beneficial for your health?

As we mentioned above, drinking bone broth regularly is better than drinking a lot in one day and cutting it forever. However, some experienced symptoms especially who suffer from histamine intolerance upon drinking too much bone broth including:

  1. Diarrhoea. 
  2. Bloating.
  3. Fatigue.
  4. Headaches.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Digestive distress.
  7. Abdominal pain.

So it is better not to overdo it.

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