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Probiotics Benefits For Weight Loss

Probiotics Benefits For Weight Loss are true. However, before getting through the weight loss struggle, let’s learn more about probiotics.

What is probiotics? & probiotics good or not?

Probiotics, as we all know, are the good bacteria living in our gut, helping you to digest food. But, do you know that it also lives all over your body in massive numbers that it is heavier than your brain?

That’s true, all your body hosts about 100 – 300 trillion of probiotics, present in the largest percentage in the colon.

Probiotics are divided into a large variety of species, that each strain of probiotic has a different specific health benefit, even if it belongs to the same species.

Surprisingly, your body hosts more than 400 strains of probiotics, but only 20% of these strains dominate the mass of bacteria (microbiome) living in your body.

Probiotics Benefits and Weight Loss
Probiotics Benefits and Weight Loss

So, there are two common strains of probiotics:

  •  the first one you can find in foods and supplements called bifidobacterium that helps to break down lactose (milk sugar) and supports the immune system.
  • The other strain scientists call it lactobacillus present in the mouth, vagina, and intestine that fights off the bad bacteria.        

However, probiotics the good microorganisms feed and grow on the prebiotics, which is present in foods high in fibers and can’t be digested by our digestive tracts.

For instance, fruits, legumes, and other vegetables. So, prebiotics and probiotics are not the same as many of us think. And since you can easily obtain probiotics from eating healthy foods rich in fibers, it is not necessary to take it as supplements like probiotics. 

Well, maybe you will be shocked if you know that probiotics control every inch of your body and affect it. As probiotics have OVER 100 HEALTH BENEFITS, for instance, it fights cancer and forms a shield for your body against opportunistic fungi and bacteria, in addition to its major role in digestion and metabolism. So, probiotics are considered the one who runs the show within your body and it is necessary to keep it healthy. 

Probiotics Benefits:

As we mentioned before, probiotics are the second soul that hosts your body and provides it with dozens of health benefits. In fact, it is like the brain that controls the immune system which is crucial for our survival. Unfortunately, its imbalance can turn against you in the form of autoimmune disorders that many studies proved its link to an unhealthy gut due to microbiome imbalance. 

Then, according to researches done on probiotics, The National Center For Complementary And Integrative Health summarized the conditions that can benefit from probiotics:   

  • Probiotics benefits for stomach:
  1. Constipation
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS).
  4. Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Dental diseases:
  1.  Tooth decay.
  2. Gum disease.
  • Allergies:
  1. Allergic rhinitis.
  2. Asthma.
  3. Atopic dermatitis.
  • Acne.
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI).
  • Yeast infection.

In addition, studies proved that dysbiosis ( the imbalance of gut microbiome, good and bad bacteria) leads to to several disorders (4) including colorectal cancer, allergies, arteriosclerotic disease, neurologic diseases, metabolic syndromes and especially diabetes and obesity.

Probiotics Benefits For Weight Loss:

So, you think that the only difference between you and your skinny friend is the shape of your body and the number of pounds you carry on each time you move… 

Actually, you are wrong, because you are not just different from the outside but also from the inside.

In fact, studies found that dysbiosis can cause major changes in metabolism that in turn causes weight gaining besides the health issues we mentioned before. 

Also, studies proved that specific strains of probiotics are responsible for weight through their impact on glucose and fat metabolism. However, this means, that the consumption of other strains won’t benefit you to achieve weight loss.

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So, studies addressed that these strains are in the following groups:

  • Lactobacillus.
  • Bifidobacterium.
  • Akkermansia muciniphila.

So, if you are trying to restore your gut health and lose weight by probiotic supplement consumption, make sure that you are picking the ones that contain these strains to meet your goal.

Symptoms tell that your body needs probiotics:

There are many symptoms you might experience daily. Each one tells you that it is time to restore your gut health. However, you choose either to ignore them or treat them in a wrong way.

So, you may struggle for months to lose weight and spin in the endless vicious circles of diets just to end up with disappointing results.

Not only that you are gaining weight, but your digestion can be poor enough to put you in embarrassing moments like bloating and uncontrolled release of gases along with constipation.

Your mood and energy are not safe from this. So. it’s common to have an unexplained depression and lack of energy even after sleeping and nourishing well.

These symptoms can remain unexplained and left untreated for a long time, which may cause more complications afterward.

Fortunately, these symptoms can vanish rapidly once you treat the cause of the problem. After that, you can restore your gut health with the right probiotic supplements.

Picking the right probiotic supplements:

In the last 2 decades, the probiotics market has witnessed a large growth due to increasing awareness about its benefits.

Restoring gut health can solve various health issues only through the consumption of probiotics supplements. Therefore, trying to fulfill the market demand a huge number of probiotics supplements has invaded the markets, leaving you clueless about which one is best for you.

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