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Why is it called Bulletproof Coffee?

Of course, you’ve heard maybe once or twice about bulletproof coffee, which is a growing trend nowadays. However, if you haven’t heard about it, this article will tell you what you need to know, but first, let’s answer Why is it called Bulletproof Coffee?

Why is it called Bulletproof Coffee?

Dave Asprey, the creator of Bulletproof coffee gave it that name as it describes the extraordinary blend of coffee and fats, which makes your morning cup of coffee extremely high in calories. Nevertheless, it is more than another tasty recipe for an ordinary latte that you can grab from a fancy cafe, as it works magic with your brain chemistry and gives you an energy boost.

As we all know, ordinary coffee, in particular, is not like any average drink, as it is the main support for our minds throughout the whole day. Besides, it helps us to finish the most complicated missions that require all your focus and puts you on your highest performance levels, ain’t that cool.

But, what if there is more??!!

The rise of ketogenic diet ( high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet ) has given a space of such a coffee modification to take place, as you can replace your whole breakfast meal with a single cup of bulletproof coffee that will provide you with steady energy throughout the day, plus it will leave you full for a long time.

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So, what is bulletproof coffee?

Recently, athletes and people who are on regular workout routines prefer to have breakfast beverage instead of a real one. However, this made the Bulletproof coffee a great choice, especially for keto dieters.

Bulletproof coffee is a mixture of 3 ingredients, which are:  

  1. Brewed coffee (8-12 ounces).
  2. Grass-fed unsalted butter or ghee (1-2 tbsp).
  3. MCT or coconut oil (1-2 tbsp).

Mixing these 3 ingredients in a blender for 20-30 seconds gives you an extremely high-calorie coffee that looks like a foamy latte.

The idea of bulletproof coffee: 

So, bulletproof coffee is like a new invention these days, but how this idea was born is a long story.

Dave Asprey the successful entrepreneur, was struggling with obesity for a long time, as he was weighing almost 300 pounds, his doctors warned him that he was at high risk of stroke and heart attack.

Sadly, Dave tried every single way to lose weight from exercises to restricting calories just to end up with a big disappointment.

By the year 2004, Dave was on a journey to Tibet, and after climbing 18,000 feet, his energy started to deplete.

By then, he came across the guest house where he was served a cup of creamy butter yak tea.

Right after drinking the tea, Dave felt that this cup has just hit the spot, that he started years of research on the tea ingredients to know the secret behind that cup.

Eventually, Dave made his own modifications by replacing tea with coffee and yak butter with grass-fed butter or ghee, then, added MCTs to complete the perfect recipe. So, blending these ingredients has just gave Dave the amazing feeling he once experienced in Tibet. 

Bulletproof coffee V.S regular breakfast:

Starting every day with your regular breakfast packed with all kinds of nutrients is a good way to go. Yet, most of our breakfast is loaded with sugar and carbs that satisfy hunger but not for so long, as hunger attacks in the middle of the day convincing you to grab another high caloric snack.

On the contrary, having a cup of bulletproof coffee as breakfast can keep you full for hours and provide you with the energy needed for your brain to function well, thanks to the massive calorie loads (460 calories per cup).

Nevertheless, they do not recommend consuming it every day instead of breakfast, as it lacks the diverse nutrients your body needs that can be supplied by a healthy balanced breakfast. But, if you are enjoying having it every day, just make sure that you are compensating your body with nutrient-dense food in your other meals.

Bulletproof coffee for keto diet:

According to Dr. Berg, he said that having morning bulletproof coffee is a great idea. However, fat helps satisfy your hunger for a long time instead of having multiple meals in the morning. His point is that fat doesn’t trigger insulin release that makes you hungry. So, even if you were not on a keto diet, it may help you lose weight.

After that, if you became keto-adapted then, your diet will already contain lots of fats. At that point, you may not need lots of fats in your diet like before to keep satisfied. However, if you overeat fats then you might start feeling nauseated. So, you may start to cut the amount of butter and coconut oil from your coffee. Also, keep in mind that drinking bulletproof coffee even when being on keto might slow your weight loss.

Who can benefit from the bulletproof coffee?

Type 2 diabetesstudies proved that diabetic patients can benefit from short term low carb diet. As it gives them energy without affecting insulin levels.

Ketogenic diet: bulletproof coffee can make a perfect meal for those who are following keto-diet.

Low-carbohydrate diet: bulletproof coffee can curb hunger effectively and support those who are following a low-carb diet on their diet plan and help them lose weight. In fact, drinking bulletproof coffee can help them control blood sugar levels that affects sugar craving.

Can I drink bulletproof coffee twice a day?

Bulletproof coffee is high in calories (460 calories per cup). So even if you didn’t hit the caffeine limit by drinking two cups of coffee daily, you still ingest lots of calories if you drank two cups a day. In fact, having more than 800 calories in only 2 cups of coffee, in addition to your meals can be unhealthy even if you are following a keto diet.

Does bulletproof coffee make you poop?

Yes, coffee alone improves your intestinal movement and can relieve constipation. So when combining coffee with a fatty substance, which in bulletproof coffee it is Grass-fed unsalted butter and MCT oil, the stool becomes soft and easy to move out of your body.


Bulletproof coffee can provide you several health benefits if you plan to drink it in moderation. As this type of coffee can suppress hunger and make you succeed in your weight loss plan.

But, watch out for its high caloric content that can offset your weight loss if drunk in high quantities or several times a day. 

Not on a keto diet but still want to lose weight? Check out this coffee type.