Desperate to lose weight but can't stop eating

Desperate to lose weight but can’t stop eating? 3 ways to break the curse

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Desperate to lose weight but can’t stop eating?

Definitely, most people who want to lose weight want to lose it fast without dieting and exercise, sure not an easy duty. However, health supplements, workout plans, personal training, diets, and vitamins can help with weight loss, but sometimes the simplest of changes to your life can change drastically your body shape and also your energy levels. So, if you are desperate to lose weight but can’t stop eating, here are 3 ways to break the curse of obesity.

These three tips can help you lose weight fast, and they are all depending on your eating habits. So let’s begin the process:

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Tips to help you if you are desperate to lose weight but can’t stop eating

Eat what your body asks for

In life we meet someone who says “I can eat whatever food I want and I never put on weight” they don’t count calories and they definitely don’t struggle with obesity, so how does this work? In fact, even if they eat fast food, sweets, chocolate, they don’t put on weight. This is because of the amount of food they eat, which is normally eaten in much smaller quantities.  

They can do this because they ask their bodies what they want, and fast foods high in fat and sugar are not the desirable daily option.

So try to eat healthy, and ask your body what it really wants. Deep down inside you don’t want to be overweight and after a while the foods you thought you craved you no longer do. Or when you do, it is not as often as you used to.  

Allow your body the freedom to choose foods that were once forbidden you will realise you won’t crave it that way again.

It doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you don’t eat more than you need. Just ask yourself if you’re tuned into what your body is telling you.

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Eat when your stomach is empty

The aim of this tip is to eat in response to hunger, don’t eat with the idea that ‘I’ll be hungry soon, or I should eat because it’s time to eat’. 

In fact, people that their BMI shows they are overweight have a common habit, which is that they eat before they get hungry. Then, they become scared to get hungry again, so they snack frequently.

Calculate your BMI to know if you are Underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

Hunger pangs show hunger but can normally be warded off with a glass of water or a small healthy snack of fruit or vegetables. Eat when you are hungry, eat slowly, and stop eating when you feel satisfied.

Also, to destroy the frequent snacking habit, there is nothing better than trying intermittent fasting.

Listen to your body and eat until you are totally full

Desperate to lose weight but can't stop eating
Desperate to lose weight but can’t stop eating

This tip will most help with fast weight loss. When cooking, if using recipes, cook for the precise amount. 

Don’t overeat on lunch and feel tempted to snack for the rest of the evening. 

Get to know the correct portion size per meal and stick to this. However, being hungry after eating a full meal is a state of mind. 

You are full, do not overeat. It takes 20-25 minutes for signals to be sent to your brain that they now satisfy you. So, try to eat slowly and let your body operate in its natural way.

However, to destroy that snacking habit try following intermittent fasting diet. It’s an amazing way to stop eating snacks your body doesn’t need.

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Limit carbs as much as you can

In fact, carbs intake is related directly to high insulin levels, which makes you more hungry. No doubt, following a keto or low-carb diets can be hard for some even after reaching ketosis.

However, there are alternative ways to cut out carbs from your diet without going through sugar carving like:

  • Use artificial sweeteners.
  • Eat foods rich in healthy fats, which won’t raise insulin levels.
  • Include more proteins in your diet.
  • Drink water frequently and stay hydrated.

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