5 Ready Keto Snacks, No Preparation Required

Ready keto snacks can be wonderful lifesavers for keto dieters, as it holds you from even thinking about ruining your keto diet. However, unlike other diets that follow extremely low-fat with medium carb intake, keto diet doesn’t have that wide variety of options out there to simply grab and eat. As keto diet snacks are mostly prepared at home to make sure there are no sneaky carbs to kick you out of ketosis.

Sadly, being busy most of your day can limit your time and won’t give you the chance to prepare your own special keto snacks. But fortunately, there are countless ready keto snacks ideas that will save you time and effort and satisfy your small keto hunger. These snacks are made of only one ingredient and don’t require anything from you except eating or maybe warming them up.

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1- Nuts: 

There is a wide variety of nuts out there to match different tastes. You just have to make sure you are choosing the best types for keto that are low in carbs. So, it’s better to go with pecans, macadamia, and walnuts as each ounce contain less than 2 grams of carbs, which is low enough.

Yet, some nuts like peanuts, pistachios, and cashews have high carbs, so, it’s better to avoid.

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5 Ready Keto Snacks, No Preparation Required
5 Ready Keto Snacks, No Preparation Required

2- Tahini paste:

As a keto diet starter, this snack is soo filling that it makes me skip breakfast and dinner with eating just 2 tbsp of tahini thick paste. Tahini is made of ground sesame seeds that has many health benefits like protecting against inflammation and cancer.

Yet, there are many downsides to tahini, as you should make sure you are not allergic to sesame. Another downside is that it is rich in omega 6, which makes it better to consume it in moderation, as omega-6 may develop chronic inflammation.

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You can also spice it up if preferred in the traditional way, by adding some salt, cumin, lemon juice or vinegar, and water.

3- Unsweetened dark chocolate: 

Chocolate can be your worst enemy on keto as long as most known brands have massive loads of sugar. However, by just removing the sugar it can turn your best supportive friend on your keto plans. So, the good news here is that you don’t have to give up your chocolate bar on keto, you just need to twist the chocolate criteria a little bit.

Just make sure the chocolate you are eating: 

  • Unsweetened or sweetened with non-caloric sweeteners like stevia.
  • It contains at least 70% solid cocoa if not more. 

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4- Yogurt:

A delicious snack like yogurt is available at any grocery, which makes it a good choice most times. Yogurt is high in protein with low-carb content, which makes it ideal for keto diet plans.

Moreover, yogurt curbs appetite and enhance weight loss, not to mention that it’s a rich source of probiotics.

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However, greek yogurt and coconut yogurt are preferred on keto than the regular dairy choice.

Also, you can enjoy them with ground cinnamon to give them a unique sweet flavor without using sugar and to enhance weight loss.

5- Mozzarella sticks:

Most cheese types are keto-friendly, so, mozzarella the pizza star will also go along with keto. Nonetheless, cheeses are a great source of protein and can help you reach satiety easily, but just if it’s full-cream.

Then, you can enjoy mozzarella sticks alone or you can sprinkle thyme and microwave it for one minute to give the pizza flavor.

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