Keto Diet Recipes; Tiny Jars Coconut Cookies

Hi there,

Today I am going to share with you a special recipe called Tiny Jars Coconut Cookies.

So, if you asked me what made this one special to me? Is it gluten-free? Is it keto-friendly? Or is it the wonderful taste? Well, I’d say it’s all that but what makes it special the most is how it’s served.

We eat cookies every day, even the gluten-free cookies and crackers are much easier these days to make with thousands of beautiful recipes out there. Yet, eating cookies in a tiny jar has a different taste. Despite that, it’s a cool way to keep your hunger at bay and help you to stay on ketosis.

Besides, these coconut cookies caloric content is not that high like fat bombs, as it isn’t prepared with butter, instead, I used creamy cheese that has much fewer calories and delivers that creamy taste and smooth texture you will love.

However, even if you are on keto diet, you shouldn’t take a massive amount of calories that exceeds your caloric needs as this may offset your weight loss, which is a common mistake lots of who follow keto diet make. So, these treats can help you satisfy your sugar craving while keeping your caloric intake within limits.

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Also, eating the cookie dough in a tiny jar with a small spoon will definitely help you satisfy hunger sooner by eating less amounts, as it takes time to eat many small bites instead of eating it in one bite.

Having your tiny jars and the basic ingredients in your kitchen is all you need to have these coconut cookies ready on your table in just 5 minutes. Then, let’s start.

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  • 3 tsp unsalted creamy cheese.
  • 2 tsp coconut flour.
  • 1 tsp powdered milk.
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract.
  • Sweetener of choice.
  • Chocolate chips.


  • In a small bowl add the cheese to coconut flour and vanilla.
  • Mix well till the mixture becomes homogenous.
  • Add powdered milk, chocolate chips, and sweetener and mix well.
  • Divide the mixture into two tiny jars.
  • Add more chocolate chips on the top.

Recipe instructions;  

  • Make sure that the chocolate chips aren’t sweetened or sweetened with non-caloric sweetener like stevia or erythritol to match keto diet precautions.
  • You can eat the cookies right after you prepare them and it will taste good, but, it’s better to cool it for about 2 hours before it’s served.
  • If you want it smoother, you can add 1 tsp hot coconut milk while preparing or hot water.
  • If you want the mixture to be more firm, you can add more powdered milk.
  • To give the mixture the yellowish cookie color, you can add a little cinnamon or cocoa powder.

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