Ate too much greasy food what to do?

Ate too much greasy food what to do?

Even if you are hardly sticking to your perfect weight loss plan, there are some days when you cannot avoid the temptations of delicious greasy foods high in calories, especially on occasions like holidays and parties. Which maybe sandwiches, pastries, pizzas that are packed with a larger amount of sugar and saturated fats than your body can tolerate. After that, it only leaves you with guilt and you keep asking yourself, I eat too much greasy food what to do?

Here, we are going to tell you what exactly to do after eating too much oily food and how to cure your upset stomach from fried foods so continue Reading to learn more.

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Ate too much greasy food what to do?

It happens all the time, that you eat fried delicious food mindlessly, and wake up after you finish your French fries pack.

In that moment, you will definitely ask;

  • How to cure upset stomach from fried food?
  • What to do if you eat too much oily food?

we are going to tell you how to help your body burn more calories faster so that you won’t put on extra weight from eating that high-calorie meal.

1- Walk for 30-minutes

The first piece of advice is to start walking to help your stomach digest faster. Also, walking can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate. However, make sure this is your daily routine to get better results. be cautious don’t start walking after eating immediately especially if it was a large meal, instead, it is better to walk or start any work out after 2 hours of eating.

Check out Steps To Calories Burned Calculator to know how much you burn on walking.

2- Make the next meal smaller

ate too much greasy food what to do
ate too much greasy food what to do

No doubt is better to eat two balanced meals rather than eating a heavy oily meal why does the other meal be much smaller. However, if you already ate one greasy meal, it’s better to balance the other meal so that your body won’t gain weight.

Take care, it is better not to skip the next meal totally as that can make you really hungry and when not getting your needed calories your metabolic rate can drop make it harder to lose weight.

3- Drink water

Actually, water is your best friend when coming to motivating your digestive system to break down food effectively. In fact, oily food is hard to break and digest smoothly so some water may help your intestines to digest the food better. Besides, not drinking enough water can lead to constipation.

Also, space between the water and having your meals, as water may dilute gastric acidity and make it harder for the stomach to digest food if you drink it immediately.

4- Drink ginger tea

Ginger is the best relief for an upset stomach and all its symptoms like stomachache, nausea, and vomiting. Also, it’s known as a powerful metabolic booster and as a digest aid.

Researches suggest that ginger signals stomach and speeds stomach emptying. Then, having ginger tea can help you digest oily meals faster and give a metabolic push to burn more calories.

4- Snack on fruits and vegetables

Lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily meals is the perfect way to have healthy digestion. However, it’s easier than you think, just been to have daily bowel of green salad or fruit salad. Also, having vegetables and fruits can make you full the entire day, provide you with essential nutrients and prevent overeating.

5- Eat yogurt or other probiotics

ate too much greasy food what to do
ate too much greasy food what to do

yogurt and probiotics including kombucha, saurkrete are the best option for gut health>

In fact, maintaining a healthy gut makes sure your digestion is going well and so your digestive system can digest oily food properly.

6- Don’t sleep immediately after eating

It is a sure thing that you would feel tired after eating a heavy meal and you will need deep sleep. However, sleeping immediately after eating me after eating can make your body store fats can make you gain weight easily.

check out Sumo habits to gain weight.

7- Get enough sleep

In fact, if you didn’t get enough sleep, you may experience carbohydrates craving and overeating. Also, sleep reset your body systems and make them work better, so it helps you digest better relax your muscles and improve your mood.

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