Steps To Calories Burned Calculator

Do you know how many calories10000 burn?? Luckily, you can use this easy steps to calories burned calculator we provide in this article to convert steps to calories burnt.

Many of us can ask this question and can’t believe that walking is a powerful tool to lose weight even at home. So yes, you can lose weight by just walking, the best part of this is that it is one of the cheapest ways to lose weight, no gym, no supplements, just your pair of shoes and start a walk.

Before starting, I urge you to continue reading to the end, as I put an actionable plan in simple steps so you can apply and reach your goal easily.

Steps To Calories Burned Calculator

Now you can calculate how many calories you can burn in any exercise using this calculator.

Steps to Calories Calculator

This calculator can give you results according to your weight, exercise (not just walking), and how long do you take in your workout.

Knowing that you can lose 1 pound by burning 3500 calories, you can put a plan designed just for you to achieve your desired weight loss goal. 

Just make sure whatever the plan you put, is realistic, applicable, and align with your daily schedule.

Fortunately, if you chose to lose weight by walking there are many benefits to do that;

steps to calories burned calculator

No more paying gym memberships

Sure, trying to lose weight by being dedicated to going to the gym is an effective idea to drop some pounds, especially if you are planning to build muscles and not just lose weight.

Though, if there is another way to drop weight without being burnt out and cost you nothing, then why not try it? 

Spend less money on gas

Try going anywhere near you walking instead of going by the car.

If you are lucky enough to have your work next to your home, go to work walking. By doing so, you will save time and money. As you won’t spend money again on car fuel, and the moment you reach work or home, you will realize that you have just finished the workout part of your day and you are free the rest of the day. 

Applicable, indoor, and outdoor

There nearly no excuse for you to drop out the walking part of the day. All you have to do is stepping out of your home, or settle for walking at home as I have been doing for years. 

Believe me, you will see incredible results if you fixed time to walk every day.

Even if you are a mother who should take care of her kids, this is the most suitable way to lose weight as you won’t have to get out-of-home or pay for babysitters to take care of the kids.

Applicable In all climates

If it is summer, and the climate is warm, then make it a chance to stuff more vitamin D while losing weight. 

On the other hand, in the cold winter climate, you can walk to warm your body up, or you can stay at home and pick a short walk.

Steps To Calories Burned Calculator
Steps To Calories Burned Calculator

You can carry out other tasks while you are walking

Think about the longest list you can do while walking and believe me it’s long and can change your life. I am not talking just about dropping weight; I am talking about interest, hobbies, and things you are delaying for the right moment.

 Then what you can do while you are walking?

  • Meditate and relieve stress.
  • Hearing the music you love.
  • Listening to podcasts.
  • Taking online courses. 

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How Many Calories Burned Walking 1 hour Calculator

First, keep in mind this it is nearly impossible to lose weight on the scale if you are overeating. No matter whether you are burnt out in the gym or walking a long distance, Still taking more calories than you burn can make you gain weight or fix your weight in the best scenarios.

So what you are putting in your body is the most important indicator that will determine whether or not you will lose weight.

Calories in and calories out plan is not for just one day as you have to stick with it for a period to notice any difference.

However, establishing your own weight loss walking program is a great idea because it is easy to stick with for the reasons we mentioned before.

Chack out more calculators

How much weight do you expect to lose from walking daily?

Well, this part is the most important, as starting from here, you will put a plan in action. But first, let me answer your question.

Losing weight by walking differs significantly from a person to another, depending on many factors


Burning calories depends more on how many miles you walk than how long and how fast you walk. Also, it depends on how much you weigh, the heavier you weight the more calories you burn.

How to lose 15 kg by walking?

Let’s say the average man who weighs about 85 kg can burn about 466 calories on walking 10000 steps. However, to lose 1 kg per week he needs to burn about 1681 calories/day. So, that means he might need to walk approx. 35000 steps per day to burn calories from purely walking. Seems difficult I know.

Fortunately, you don’t need to walk 35000 steps a day to lose 15 kg as there are other easier ways to lose weight. One way is to adjust the calories you get daily to be lower than what you burn (remember, you can burn calories doing nothing and the secret is your metabolism). That’s true, you burn calories while sleeping, breathing, and even digesting food. So the game this way can be a lot more easier.

Tools that will make it easier for you to lose weight by walking;


Calories Burned Walking 1 hour Calculator

Don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a gym membership? Then why not getting part of the gym at home?

The guys in this video decided to replace treadmills that cost thousands of dollars with a cool, cheap smart idea.

Well, I see they are funny, but I wouldn’t recommend it myself. Just scared to slip off the floor, break my arms or legs.

Treadmills are designed mainly to help you lose weight walking in place. It includes options more than just walking or running, also, so some of it has features like connecting to Netflix or Google Maps To help you not to get bored during the workout. 

Although this solution may be helpful, but still, it is expensive and requires a detailed study of the options you had in the market.

Definitely buying a cheap option with a low quality may subject the device to frequent breakdown. So focus on the reviews of the product well before buying.

One of the best is NordicTrack T Series Treadmill powered by iFit, with smart responsive motor, space saver and easy to fold.

Steps to calories app

Some may ask if he can lose weight walking 10000 steps a day? calories burned walking 5 km? calories burned walking 1 hour?

All we mentioned above walls about how many calories you can burn by walking miles, then what about Steps?

Here comes the rule of these walking apps, and the best part is that most of them are free. All you have to do is to connect it to your phone and leave it to do its work of recording;

  1. Steps.
  2. Calories burnt.
  3. Miles.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Heart rate. 
  6. Food.
  7. Workout videos.

Comfortable Leggings

Comfortable leggings are essential for anyone who enjoys walking for exercise or leisure. Here are some reasons why:

  • Comfort: Walking is a low-impact exercise that many people find enjoyable and easy to do regularly. However, uncomfortable clothing can quickly turn a pleasant stroll into an unpleasant experience. Comfortable leggings provide a form-fitting and stretchy material that allows for freedom of movement and breathability, making walking a more enjoyable and comfortable activity.
  • Support: Leggings that are specifically designed for walking often come with features such as compression and supportive waistbands, which can help improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. This is especially beneficial for those who are walking for longer periods or who may have joint issues.
  • Protection: Comfortable leggings can help prevent chafing and irritation, which can be a common issue when walking for extended periods. They can also protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially if they are made with moisture-wicking materials.
  • Style: Lastly, comfortable leggings can be stylish and fashionable. Many brands offer leggings in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing individuals to express their personal style while still being comfortable during their walks.

Here are our top pick leggings

High Waisted Workout Leggings

these leggings are designed for unrestricted movement and a perfect fit, just like a second skin.


  • Soft, breathable, and stretchy material provides comfort during workouts
  • Sun protection to protect your skin during outdoor activities.
  • Drawstring closure for a customized fit
  • High-waisted design flatters your figure and keeps the leggings in place
  • Pintuck stitching with mixed matte/shine fabric is stylish and on-trend
  • Mesh panel provides better breathability

High Waist Push Up Leggings

Made with premium stretchy fabric, this pair of leggings is durable, soft, and comfortable to wear.


  • High-Quality Material: Made with a combination of Polyester and Spandex (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex), our leggings offer stretchability, moisture-wicking, and good comfort.
  • Multiple Styles: Available in four different styles, these leggings are perfect for casual, workout, and even formal occasions. Whether you want to wear them for Pilates, running, indoor activities, or work, our leggings are a fashionable and comfortable choice.
  • Tummy Control and Flared Design: Our leggings feature a wide-band elastic waist that provides tummy control, which enhances your curves and gives you a sleek and slim look. Additionally, the flared design provides greater freedom of movement and comfort.
  • All-Match Slim Leggings: These leggings are an all-match item that fits perfectly with any season, setting, or occasion. Our leggings are an essential piece of clothing that should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Overall, investing in a comfortable pair of leggings is a smart choice for anyone who wants to make walking a more enjoyable and beneficial activity.

Action plan to apply

  • First, determine how many pounds you need to lose.
  • Then, calculate the number of calories you need to burn daily to reach your goal weight.
  • Now, enter your recent weight and exercise on the calculator above and adjust the time to reach the targeted calories burnt to reach your goal.