How to make a workout plan for a woman

How to make a workout plan for a woman

Exercise plans need some time to set. In this article, we will guide you step by step to establish your successful exercise plan to lose weight fast especially for women.

When you think about losing weight and getting yourself fit in your favorite pair of jeans, one of the first things that will pop up on your mind is to exercise, and this story has two scenarios:

Steps to put a successful exercise plan to lose weight fast

  • Failing to plan is planning to fail:

The first mistake most of us commit is heading to the gym and starting exercise mindlessly without planning many things like; the time you need for your workout, the type of exercise, and its intensity.

  • Surfing the internet:

Well, to tell the truth, the internet has tons of exercise plans for weight loss that are incredibly helpful, and provide you with new ideas and support you on your weight loss journey, yet, searching cluelessly may let you end up with an exercise plan that won’t fit you nor your lifestyle. 

 So, from the above scenarios, we can conclude that designing your own exercise plan will definitely help you reach your goal, moreover, you won’t spend the whole day planning as it will just take a few minutes. Then, let’s start:    

Exercise plan at home and diet:

It is well known that to lose weight you have to be a caloric deficit, on the other hand,  figuring out the perfect balance between your daily caloric intake in food and the calories you burn with exercise, metabolism, and normal daily activity can be challenging.

No doubt that exercises have countless benefits, as studies proved that it may improve sleep, mood, body shape, brain activity or minimize anxiety and PMS symptoms.

how to make a workout plan for a woman
how to make a workout plan for a woman

How to make a workout plan for a woman

Now, let’s discuss the factors you should consider when crafting an exercise plan for weight loss at home:  

  • Goal setting:

Daydreaming time. Well, I think it is time to set your imagination free and picture yourself looking cool in your favorite dress or jeans.

So, the first step is to select the weight you want to reach within a specific range of time. 

But, don’t forget to be realistic about it, as skipping this point would make you disappointed and eventually cannot achieve an unrealistic goal.

 So, grab your notebook and write:

  1. The result after calculating your BMI on this calculator to know how much weight you want to lose to be in the normal range.
  2. The total weight you want to lose.
  3. The weight you want to lose in the short term, for example, 1 lb/week.
  4. The weight you want to lose in the long term, for example, 10lb / 10weeks.   
  • Duration:

Big goals start with baby steps, so, you don’t have to kill yourself in the beginning. However, you should have a fixed time range between 150 minutes and 420 minutes, to make it more simple, you can fix half an hour to one hour every day doing all your exercise. But make sure you are not exercising less than 150 minutes per day, as less than that will make it impossible for you to lose weight.

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  • Exercise type and intensity:   

Fortunately, workouts are not limited to the gym, as there are several entertaining exercises out there, that will definitely fit you. So, according to physical activity guidelines exercises were divided into moderate or vigorous-intensity activity.

Nevertheless, you may choose to use a combination of both or stick with one type, but keep in mind that moderate-intensity activities take more time, like 2 minutes of moderate activity can be counted as 1 minute of vigorous-intensity activity.

So, here are some examples of moderate and vigorous-intensity activities from where you can choose from:

Moderate-intensity activity:

  1. Walking (2.5 miles/hour or faster). Calculate how many calories you burn walking.
  2. Bicycling (10 miles/hour or slower).
  3. Recreational swimming.
  4. Tennis (doubles).
  5. The active form of yoga.
  6. General activities and home repair work.
  7. Ballroom dancing.

Vigorous-intensity activity:

  1. Running and jogging.
  2. Tennis (singles).
  3. Vigorous dancing.
  4. Rope jumping.
  5. Digging and shoveling.
  6. Kickboxing.

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Now that we discussed all factors needed to craft your successful weight loss exercise plan for beginners, you have to answer the following questions after setting your goal:

  1. Which activity do you want to go with?
  2. How intense will this activity be?
  3. How often will you exercise during the week (number of sessions)? (exercise plan for a week)
  4. Duration, how long will it take for one session?

Finally, we are done. Enjoy your successful exercise plan to lose weight. 

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