3 Paleo Detox Symptoms (Paleo flu)

Switching from your regular diet to the Paleo diet can make you experience what is called Paleo detox symptoms. These symptoms can appear in the first week of following that diet. So what are these symptoms?

Paleo diet is the caveman diet which got more popular these days. Actually, you might look at it as a new fad diet, but it was present centuries ago. In fact, our ancestors followed this diet for centuries and it appeared to impact their health positively.

Although back then they didn’t call it a diet as they just ate whatever food growing in their land and convenient to them with no restrictions.

Paleo diet detox symptoms or side effects

In fact, these symptoms are close to keto flu symptoms that keto dieters suffer from in their first few weeks. However, these symptoms’ appearance depends heavily on your previous diet. So, if you were following a healthy diet rich in whole foods and low in refined sugars and carbs, then, Paleo detox symptoms might be easy in this case.

What are the detox symptoms on a paleo diet?


When switching to Paleo, you alter your body metabolism and make it depends more on whole foods and healthy carbs instead of refined carbs. After that, this may affect your blood sugar level and keeps it steady instead of the sharp rise and fall that happens whenever you eat refined carbs.

However, your blood sugar may still be less than your normal, and that is the main reason that causes headaches.

Paleo headache relief

Don’t worry, as these symptoms will resolve on its own in a few days. However, you can avoid that symptom by eliminating refined carbs gradually to give your body a chance to adapt.

Craving carbohydrates

Hungry on Paleo diet?

That’s normal, as following an ordinary diet makes your body dependent on carbohydrates as the main source of energy. As we know, refined carbs are easy and fast to digest, in contrast to proteins, fibers, and fats which makes digestion slow.

So, replacing sugar and carbs with proteins, healthy fats, and whole carbs on paleo makes your body switch gradually from depending on carbs to other macronutrients you have in your meals, as you make it harder to claim energy from carbs only. Your body sends signals (craving carbs and sugar) to tell you it needs more energy fast.

To avoid feeling so, fill your plate with healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and proteins. By doing so, you will feel more full and start to adapt your body to Paleo.

Also, you may eat fruits that can provide you with needed carbs, plus, it will keep your blood sugar levels steady as it is rich in fibers.

Tiredness and fatigue

Obviously, you won’t get the energy boost your body needs as if you were eating sugary foods.

You might feel dizzy on paleo diet, tired and your energy is depleted.

So, until your body switch fully on Paleo you may sometimes feel that your energy is low and tired almost the whole day.

Why do you experience these symptoms?

Being in any detox mood is a good sign that your body is getting rid of toxins. However, detoxification might seem hard and make you experience unpleasant symptoms, but after passing this period you will feel healthier, and more energetic.

Paleo flu

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Paleo detox symptoms
Paleo detox symptoms

Paleo detox benefits:

Now, after talking about the painful symptoms that you might experience (or might not, according to your previous diet) in the first few days, let’s talk about the results you will get after detoxification.

  1. More control over your blood sugar levels, which can benefit you if you were diabetic or even prediabetic.
  2. Better control of your blood pressure, as most processed foods, contains added salt.
  3. Reduce chronic inflammation, as most processed foods include artificial ingredients that fire inflammation in your body.
  4. Fights acne and clear your skin. As cutting processed foods alone can clear your skin, but also, healthy foods you will include in your Paleo plan are rich in nutrients that give you clear radiant skin.

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