How Do Sumo Wrestlers Gain Weight? Sumo Stew Secret

Sumo wrestlers have a special sumo diet that helps them gain weight. But, do you know that maybe you have a part of their habits that can offset your weight loss?? How Do Sumo Wrestlers Gain Weight? let’s find out.

Losing weight is the thing most people are looking for these days, as they attempt to reach their ideal body weight in hundreds of ways that you may never believe how far they could go just to lose a few pounds.

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10000 calorie sumo diet

Meanwhile, in Japan (the country that is popular with its healthy lifestyle) sumo wrestlers are doing the opposite and struggle to gain weight.

As known, sumo wrestlers are the ones who take part in the traditional sport in Japan called sumo, where they fight each other and the winner is the one who forces the other competitor to step out of the ring) through having 10000 calories daily.

Although in Japan, it is more like a religious ritual,  some declare that it is more like a lifestyle that sumo has to stick with it.

Are Sumo wrestlers healthy?

However, sumo wrestlers mostly weigh from 400 to 600 pounds, and coming across this fact made me not stop thinking about how these men gained all their weight and still participate in a traditional sport, as being obese doesn’t go along with being an athlete.

But, sumo wrestlers proved that you can be obese and still healthy. Moreover, sumo wrestlers don’t suffer heart attacks, high cholesterol levels, and all diseases linked to obesity, which puts a big question mark on their habits and the diet they follow.

Sumo wrestlers weight loss:

After the Sumo wrestler retires, he won’t need the extra weight he gained in all the previous years through a strict lifestyle. When talking about sumo weight loss, most of them lost up to 40 pounds after quitting Sumo life.

However, it might be dangerous if Sumo wrestlers didn’t lose weight after retiring as they will be less active than before. As a result, being fat with low activity can put them at a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease.

How do sumo wrestlers get so fat?

So, these are some facts about sumo wrestlers I would like to share with you: 

  1. Sumo wrestlers were not always fat. As earlier wrestlers had a regular body shape, until the twentieth century when the image of sumo was tied to obesity.
  2. Sumo wrestlers have strict roles and schedules, so they are not free to behave as they like in public.
  3. Not all sumo wrestlers are Japanese. Their rules allow them to recruit one foreign wrestler under their conditions. The first condition is that he can speak Japanese, and the second is that he must behave according to Japanese culture.
  4. Sumo traditional clothes and hairstyles are a must all time they are out in public.

There are tons of secrets the sumo world still hides. Still, what attracted me the most was HOW THESE SUMO GUYS GAIN ALL THIS WEIGHT??!! 

How does Sumo gain weight?

Of course, like most of us, I assumed that they were spending all their day eating fries, pizzas, and ice cream. However, assuming they eat loads of food without doing any workout to spare their calories is a misconception.

They control their habits in a way that serves them to gain weight as possible as they can. The Sumo diet includes healthy foods like fish, meat, vegetables, and healthy carbs like rice.
So, maybe all the food they eat is healthy but what makes them gain weight is their habits that partially mimic intermittent fasting.

So, I spent a lot of time searching on this topic. FINALLY, I figured out the HABITS SUMO FOLLOWS TO GAIN WEIGHT. So, these are the habits you have to avoid if you are trying to lose weight unless you plan on being a SUMO WRESTLER:

Skipping breakfast

Believe me when I say that sumo life is tough. They wake up at 5 a.m. After that, they head directly to their hard training till 11 a.m. without breakfast, which makes them very hungry for their first meal. 

Super-sized healthy lunch

Who said that healthy food in any amount won’t make you fat??

Surprisingly, healthy food in massive amounts can still make you gain weight. As sumo wrestlers are served the first main dish called “chankonabe” which is a stew with meat, fish, vegetables, chicken, and Tufo along with 5-6 bowls of rice to claim 10,000 calories in one meal. However, what do you know about healthy diets?? Don’t know what your answer is, but here is my answer.

Heavy dinner and happy dreams

At the end of the day, they are served their second and last meal before they sleep. So, dinner is another massive meal packed with 10,000 calories to complete their daily 20,000 caloric intake. Right after dinner, they fall asleep. This habit allows their body to turn all the meals into fat.  

Drinking lots of beer with every meal

Sumo wrestlers drink lots of alcohol with every meal. This habit makes their cortisol levels shoot up storing fats in the abdomen and forming what is called a “beer belly”. 

So, the above-mentioned habits sumo follow to gain weight and boost their success depends solely on their weight. As they eat approximately 8 times more than regular people. 

Surprisingly, each one of us may have one or more of the Sumo diet habits without even noticing. Of course not in the same extreme way. Yet, paying attention to our habits without even following a strict diet can be very helpful in achieving weight loss or at least maintaining a healthy body weight.

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