7 Best Easy Ways to digest food faster

Are you looking for easy Ways to digest food faster after eating? Don’t worry as you can apply these simple steps to speed up digestion.

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The digestive system includes many organs that work together to complete the process of digestion, such as the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.

The digestive system is unique to perform its function of converting food into energy that people need to survive, and packaging the leftovers to get rid of waste.

However, the importance of digestion lies in its role in providing the body with nutrients from food and drink, to function properly and maintain the health of the body.

Among these nutrients that the body needs are: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

So, the digestive system breaks these nutrients into small enough parts for the body to absorb and use for energy, growth, and cell repair, and it should be noted that the system The digestive system begins to work even before the person takes the first bite of food. In addition, the digestive system will remain busy working on chewing the food eaten during the subsequent hours, depending on the type of food eaten. food eaten.

Ways to digest food faster:

Simple ways to improve digestion include:

1- Having soup as side dish:

As it is possible for water and other liquids such as soup, broth, and juice to improve digestion in the digestive system.

But if you do not prefer soup, then, try herbal tea, or water with a slice of cucumber or lemon, or any other drink.

Just make sure that it does not contain a lot of caffeine, because caffeine can cause the intestines to stimulate the intestines.

2- Divide food into multiple small meals:

You can succeed in that, by eating smaller amounts of food, and more slowly.

Also, it may help you to chew food well while eating, to make the digestive function a little easier.

3- Maintain movement and physical activity:

The benefits resulting from maintaining physical activity continue to increase.

It is a fact that exercise helps:

  • Maintain heart health.
  • Reduce waist circumference.
  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Studies found that more active people also have a smoother In digestion.

However, it is also necessary to know the most appropriate time to do exercise because for some people, exercising directly after eating a meal can cause indigestion. Therefore you must set a date for exercise before meals, or wait for an hour to pass least after eating.

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4- Stop eating greasy food:

This is because fats tend to stay in the digestive system for a longer period.

This makes them more difficult to digest, and in fact, you can feel full or heartburn after eating a meal rich in fat.

Also, too much greasy food upset stomach and can cause painful symptoms.

So it is better to limit fatty foods such as potato chips. and rich foods With oils. Instead, you can eat lean meat, fish, and try grilling foods instead of frying them.

5- Increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestines:

It is necessary to know that not all types of bacteria are harmful, as there are more than 400 different types of bacteria and yeasts in the digestive system.

Regarding to types, there are several strains of bacteria that are considered beneficial. Because it can help maintain a healthy gut. It should be obvious that despite the possibility of obtaining beneficial bacteria from some types of milk, there is a large discrepancy in the quantity and quality present in it.

Therefore, it is recommended to search for high-quality organic yogurt to which beneficial bacteria are added after pasteurization.

Since heating during the pasteurization process destroys both beneficial and harmful bacteria, it is also possible to find nutritional supplements that contain beneficial bacteria in health food stores. Also, probiotics are especially useful in some cases such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Abdominal, recurrent vaginal yeast infection, and in the case of bad breath.

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6- Get high amounts of fiber:

It is known that fiber has a benefit in improving digestion, as the soluble type works to absorb water and helps increase the size of the stool, and the insoluble type of fiber acts as a giant toothbrush, which helps the digestive system.

Soluble fiber is found in oat bran and legumes, nuts and seeds, while vegetables, whole grains, and wheat bran.

These foods are good sources of insoluble fiber, and keep in mind that a diet rich in fiber reduce the risk of heart disease and many health conditions.

These health conditions can affect the digestive system, including ulcers, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis. Diverticulitis causes severe abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and a noticeable change in bowel habits.

Also, it is necessary to know that there is another type of fiber that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. As diets rich in this fiber reduce the risk of inflammatory bowel disease.

This type of fiber you can find in many fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Calculate the recommended amount of fiber you need per day from this calculator;

Fiber Calculator

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Then, try taking it as supplement, Check out Fibre Select

Fibre Select

7- Taking supplements that contain digestive enzymes:

These are protein compounds that help digest and break down food particles. It is important to consult your doctor about the possibility of benefiting from them and the types that are recommended to be used before starting to take them.

Digestive problems:

Among the most common digestive problems, we mention the following:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Gallstones.
  • Celiac disease, also known as wheat allergy.
  • Crohn’s disease.
  • Ulcerative colitis.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Diverticulitis.
  • Anal fissure.
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Finally, following these ways to digest food faster will definitely upgrade your overall health. As we believe that healthy body starts from healthy digestion.