The Worst Keto Diet Foods You Can Eat

Nowadays, the Ketogenic diet has become the trendiest way to lose weight. As we all know, the keto diet foods plan recommends consuming foods rich in fats while cutting carbs to a small amount restricted to leafy vegetables. In this article, we will talk about The Worst Keto Diet Foods You Can Eat. Even that these items are included in keto diet foods allowed list, it’s still not recommended to include them on your daily plans as it will offset your weight loss.

Also, while proteins can be eaten freely on other diet plans (because of their relatively low-caloric content and the satisfying feeling it provides), it is advised to be eaten in moderation on keto.

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Worst Keto Diet Foods You Can Eat
Worst Keto Diet Foods You Can Eat

As excess proteins can turn into carbs, that can eventually offset the keto diet goals in achieving weight loss.

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So, limiting carbs intake to 20-50 grams per day will cause depleting glucose stores, which triggers the body to run on an alternative source of energy.

As a result, it provokes the liver to convert the fat stores into ketones and use it as a source of energy instead of glucose.

Running your body on ketones instead of glucose is a state called ketosis, which the body reaches after a couple of days from starting the diet.   

So, people reach for options like leafy green vegetables, fruits high in fibers, and protein sources high in fats. Yet, some still commit mistakes in their food choices because of a lack of understanding of the nutritious contents of some foods.

Such a misunderstanding may cause you to be stuck and offset your weight loss through keto.

1- Legumes:

 Legumes like lentils, beans, chickpeas, and kidney beans are considered a rich source of fibers and proteins. But still, for keto plans, they are not the right choice.

Meanwhile, most diets recommend eating legumes as they provide satisfaction quickly. However, the keto community marks it as a relatively high carb food, which makes it not accepted on keto plans.

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2- Peanut butter:

Worst Keto Diet Foods You Can Eat

Peanuts in contrast to what people believe show no increase in the glycemic index, moreover, it improves insulin sensitivity.

Unfortunately, peanuts are mostly consumed as peanut butter that has added sugar. So, you must pay more attention to the label.

So, peanuts itself are still not kicked out of the list of keto completely.

Also, they contain folates and minerals important for your brain health. Moreover, peanut butter snacks are convenient to keep your hunger at a bay and help you stay on ketosis. 

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3- Low-fat dairy products:

Some may assume that eating low-fat on keto may help them achieve quicker results. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works on the keto diet plans.

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Dairy products can be a double-edged weapon on the keto diet. In fact, milk is high in carbs, as one cup of milk has 12 grams of carbs. The carbs are representing the milk sugar called lactose. 

On the other hand, some dairy products like butter, hard cheese, and greek yogurt are an ideal source of fat.

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So, consuming dairy products stripped from their fatty content can make you eat larger amounts before reaching satisfaction.

Then, high dairy intake can be translated into high carbs that makes it among keto diet foods not to eat.

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4- Most fruits:

Candies can trigger sugar spikes that prevent weight loss. So, Fruits are the natural healthy choice high in fiber content with a vitamin touch as an alternative.

Yet, it remains high in fructose, which makes most fruits excluded from the list of the keto diet plans.

Worst fruits for keto include watermelon, apples, guava.

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Still, there are some fruit options with low-carbs and present on the list of keto diet foods like avocado, star fruit, blackberries, raspberries, and others.    

5- Trans fats and hydrogenated fats:

Having the freedom to eat fats on your diet doesn’t give you the excuse to include bad choices. 

So, it is a must stay away from trans fats present in high amounts in processed foods.

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