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9 Best High Fiber Food for Better Gut Health

When you cook food at home, it has a slightly different taste from the food you eat in a restaurant. Ever wondered why? Well, the food that is served in restaurants is prepared with processed ingredients.

These processed ingredients are high in fat, sodium, buffers, and spices, and low in rough elements like fibers. The goal of using these processed ingredients with high fat and low fiber is to enhance taste and make food more palatable. With this enhanced taste and longer shelf life, the food offered by the companies and the chefs might be very tasty and irresistible but it is not healthy.

Most processed food items have a very low fiber content that improves the smoothness of the food and makes it easier to eat. However, reducing the fiber content from food also means that you will be compromising the health of your gut.

Why Do You Need Fiber in Your Food?

Fiber might seem like it is not a very good option if you want to just focus on enhancing the taste of the food but fiber is a very important element that ensures the health of your gut.

  • Fiber is usually not digestible but as it passes through the GI tract, it ensures the smooth movement of the stool and also helps in absorbing all the bad cholesterol in your body.
  • When you consume high fiber, you will feel full throughout the day rather than carving food every hour.
  • The best part of consuming fiber is that it is not very rich in calories so you might end up consuming much more with almost no calorie intake.
  • Most green vegetables, fruits, and whole grain items are rich in fiber so even if you consume them in a cooked or mixed form you will still be consuming enough fibers to get yours through the day.
  • Although most people prefer to eat fibers alone so they can keep track of the ratio, however, it is not important and you can mix it with other food items as well.

With the help of this article, we will mainly list down some of the best fiber-rich food items that you can include in your diet.

These fiber-rich food items will help you lose weight, stay full, take care of your gut health and also keep your blood sugar and cholesterol level in control.

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9 Best Fiber for gut health

Almost all food elements have a certain amount of fiber however, to stay fit and keep your gut health, you need something that has a high amount of fiber. Although you will find so many food items that are fortified with fiber, we are enlisting some of the food items that are natural.

Some of the main food items that are rich in fiber include:


Although most food items high in fiber are not very flavorful, blueberries are very rich in taste. Apart from fiber, they also contain vitamins and minerals that are good for your health.

Green Vegetables and Salad

All green vegetables and salad leaves are high in fiber which is the reason you will see improvement in your gut health as well.


Oats are rich in fiber and anti-inflammatory elements so you can keep your gut protected. Since it is an ingredient you can easily alter the taste by adding other ingredients like fruit chunks, honey or other elements.

Corn and Beans

Corn and beans are very good for health, they are filled with protein, carbs, and fiber and yet they are very tasty. The best part is that you can use it in different recipes to enhance the taste.


Avocado is known to be a very good source of omega-three, fiber, and good fats that can improve the body’s development, boost immunity and help you fight bacteria as well.

Almond Flour

Almond flour is also rich in fiber and it tastes good as well. People who like to eat gluten-free food usually eat almond flour for cakes and bread which is a much healthier option.

Flax and Chia Seeds

Flax seeds and chia seeds contain water-soluble fiber which is very good for health. Both these seeds are used in puddings and sweet food recipes for enhanced taste. 


The peel and pulp of the fruit are rich in fiber so you enjoy the taste, get enough fiber and get enough vitamins and minerals.

Whole Grains

Whole green items are high in fiber and good in taste as well; however, most people avoid them because they have not developed a taste for whole grain. However, you can mix them with other food ingredients as well.

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Bottom Line

To sum it all up, fiber is very important for your gut health, your skin, heart health and just to ensure that you detox your body. Almost all food items occurring naturally have a certain amount of fiber, some have a low level of fiber whereas, whereas others have a rather high amount of fiber.

Although there are some health-based brands that offer fortified fiber in food so you can keep your gut health, there are so many natural fiber food items that will offer you good health as well. Most of the food items that we eat have fiber but it is considerably low while others have a high fiber content.

However, if you end up consuming something that is processed, you can then add some fiber-rich food elements as well. Most of the meals are prepared this way so you can enjoy good taste and good health at the same time.