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The diets we will talk about include but not limited to:

The Atkins Diet.

The South beach diet.

Low-carb diets.

The ketogenic diet.

Intermittent fasting.

The diabetic diet.

The hypothyroidism diet.

The Paleo diet.

Dukan diet

Carnivore diet.

Gluten-free diet.

and much more.

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DASH diet plan

List Of DASH Diet Foods

Is DASH diet just for people with hypertension? And what are the foods allowed on the DASH diet list and what aren’t?
In this article, we will answer these questions and tell you why researchers believe that the DASH DIET is perfect for all Americans??

kicked out of ketosis


Being kicked out of ketosis is something common on the keto diet. As sticking to keto diet plans might be challenging. This appears especially when most of the snacks out there are made of high carbs, like burger, pizza, chocolate, and cookies.Since it can get tricky, there are some signs that tell you that there is something incorrect and that you are kicked out of ketosis.